Loxove Story


Because love is love, and there has been no better time in history to celebrate the many faces it comes in, we bring to you Loxove. The collection, for both women and men, represents the beauty of acceptance and the essence of inclusivity. The Loxove jewelry collection is a symbol of the endless admiration we have for those we love and was designed to infinitely cherish the hugs and kisses we give the people we care for. We could not think of a better way to illustrate the measureless love we have for our family and friends within the LGBTQ community while also honoring those who have courageously paved the way to a time and place where love always wins and outshines all else. We hope that you will proudly wear the Loxove collection knowing that our friends within this community will feel honored and accepted by what these pieces represent and the messages they send. A portion of proceeds will be donated to foundations supporting those in need within the LGBTQ community.